Research transcription services

Research transcription services

Project Description

Research transcription services

Research companies or departments use our services in order to assist them with transcribing, recorded interviews, telephone conversations and focus groups. We act as an essential team member by transcribing either one off tasks or lengthy on-going projects. We offer reliability by using a particular transcription team who have many years of experiencing in transcribing interviews and focus groups. Some projects require us to transcribe with a higher level of detail such as verbatim or discourse analysis.

Confidentiality and accuracy are our main priorities. Our UK based team sign a confidentiality agreement with us and adhere to them strictly. We thoroughly test all of our typists and ensure that they have relevant typing skills and experience in your field. If you are using our typing service on a regular basis, we will do our very best ensure that the same team is assigned to your project to maintain continuity.

Our typing service is very straight forward to use. All you have to do is send us your files through our secure upload facility. We will then listen to your audio files and send you a quote so you know the exact cost before we start on your work. Once you have agreed to the quote and have registered your details with us, we will begin typing up your work for you. You will then receive your work within the agreed turnaround time.

At TypeOut we also believe in security which is why we have invested in the highest level of security for our upload facility. We use a 256 bit SSL encrypted server for this which is the same as banks use.

Why not give us a call or contact us to see how our typing services can help you save time?

Research areas currently using our services…

Research methods we transcribe…

  • Universities
  • Market research
  • Historical
  • Medical
  • Media research
  • Arts and Culture Research
  • Publishing / novels
  • Telephone interview
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative research / analysis
  • In-depth individual interviews
  • Small group interviews