Research Transcription Services

At TypeOut we understand the important role research plays in society, and the importance of high quality and accurate transcriptions in helping research companies to achieve their goals.

We have been lending our services to organisations since 2008 in order to assist them with transcribing recorded interviews, telephone conversations and focus groups. Outsourcing your transcription to us enables you to spend time focussing on more important tasks rather than losing valuable hours writing up transcriptions.

We offer reliability by using a specific transcription team who have a wealth of experience in transcribing interviews and focus groups. We know that no one project is the same, as some require us to transcribe with a higher level of detail such as verbatim, intelligent verbatim or discourse analysis.

Security and confidentiality are also important factors for research companies – and we are fully committed to providing exactly that. Your files are secured with 256-bit SSL encryption when being uploaded, and all of our typists have signed confidentiality agreements with us.

TypeOut also diligently complies with the Data Protection Act and are voluntary members of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We act as a key team member, assisting in producing written copy of your recordings whether you require our services once, or would like us to continuously produce transcriptions for you. With no contracts and a pay-per-use basis, we are the flexible solution for all your transcription needs.

See below to see which areas we work in the field of research and some organisations that we have helped, and we look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions.


Research areas currently using our services:

  • Universities
  • Market research
  • Historical
  • Medical
  • Media research
  • Arts and Culture Research
  • Publishing / novels


Research methods we transcribe:

  • Telephone interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative research / analysis
  • In-depth individual interviews
  • Small group interviews
  • Zoom & MS Teams interviews and meetings