We transcribe reports and documents for both commercial and residential property companies.

Transcription services we provide to the property industry:

  • HomeBuyer Report / HomeBuyer Survey
  • Building Survey Reports
  • General Correspondence
  • Inventory Reports
  • Interviews
  • Schedule of Dilapidations

Businesses within the property industry using our services:

  • Chartered Surveyors
  • Property management services
  • Estate agents
  • Letting agents
  • Inventory Clerks
  • Planning committees
  • Local authority planning departments


TypeOut began back in 2008 specialising in inventory reports for the property industry, meaning we now have over 10 years’ experience in transcriptions related to property.


Over the years, we have built up long term business relationships with many property businesses who find our typing services a quick, reliable and easy to use resource.


We transcribe property surveys for both commercial and residential properties and welcome the use of your own preferred templates to suit your business. We also type up inventory reports and have an understanding on the urgent requirement. These can be catered for with our express service which ensures your transcriptions are completed and returned within 24-48 hours.


TypeOut always differentiates itself from other transcription services on the market. We do this by providing the best possible service, whether you use us once or on a regular basis. We have typists that specialise in the property industry meaning any technical information in the recording is transcribed correctly.


Additionally, if you use us regularly, we will always try to assign the same group of typists to your job, as this creates consistency. TypeOut also understands that there are many areas within the property industry which are highly confidential. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the security and confidentiality of our company – protecting your files with 256-bit encryption during the upload process.


This is the highest possible level of security and ensures your files are uploaded securely. TypeOut has every typist sign a confidentiality agreement before commencing work, and rigidly sticks to the guidelines set out in the Data Protection Act and are voluntary members of the Information Commissioner’s Office (an independent body set up for the protection of data).


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requirements.