Transcription Services for Media Sectors


Whether you’re a journalist needing a lengthy feature interview transcribed, a media company recording minutes from an important meeting or an individual wanting a transcript from a YouTube video – TypeOut can produce that for you.


With roughly 10 years experience in the transcription industry we have become a trusted source for media and TV professionals who are often against deadlines and need accurate transcriptions turned around in a time-efficient way.


TypeOut offers a range of turnaround times for transcribing your recordings, the fastest being our express service (24-48 hours), standard (3 days) and finally economy (3-5 days).


We have built up long term business relationships with many entertainment, news and publication companies, who find our transcription services an efficient and reliable resource.


For media & journalism we mainly transcribe interviews whether they are face to face or recorded telephone calls. We also have the facility to produce time coded transcripts for T.V. & video as well as YouTube clips. Whatever your requirements, we are always happy to discuss how we can deliver for you and meet those needs. As is the case with all aspects of our transcription services, we deliver them at the highest standard of accuracy and regard confidentiality highly.


When uploading your recordings to our website you’re protected by 256-bit SSL encryption and our staff all adhere to the Data Protection Act and have signed confidentiality agreements.


Another advantage of selecting TypeOut for your media transcriptions is that we designate your recording to a typist within our team with the most relevant experience. This ensures they pick up on any nuances in the dialogue and deliver the best possible accuracy. Throughout our years serving the industry we have worked in many different areas and served an array of different clients of which you can see below.


Media sectors using our services:

  • Film
  • Radio
  • Broadcast
  • News
  • Television
  • Video
  • Magazines


Services we provide for media companies:

  • Interview transcription services
  • Video audio to text
  • Analogue format transcriptions
  • Timecoded transcriptions
  • Digital recorder transcriptions
  • Digital format transcriptions