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Typeout and media transcription services

Whether you’re a journalist needing a lengthy feature interview transcribed or a media company recording minutes from an important meeting. Perhaps you’re an individual wanting a transcript from a YouTube video? TypeOut is one of the leading Media transcription companies that can produce that for you.


We have gained trust from media and TV professionals due to our 10 years of experience in the transcription industry. Our accurate transcriptions are delivered in a time-efficient way, which is particularly useful for clients who are under tight deadlines.


TypeOut offers a range of turnaround times for transcribing your recordings, the fastest being our express service (24-48 hours), standard (3 days) and finally economy (3-5 days).


Many entertainment, news, and publication companies have developed long-term business relationships (including the United Kindom, United States of America and Canada) with us because our transcription services are efficient and reliable.


Our media and journalism transcription services involve transcribing interviews, whether they are conducted face to face or through recorded telephone calls. We are also capable of producing time-coded transcripts for TV, video, and YouTube clips. We prioritise delivering high-quality and accurate transcripts while upholding confidentiality. If you have specific requirements, we are happy to discuss further how we can meet your needs.


Your recordings uploaded to our website are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. In addition, our staff members follow the guidelines mentioned in the Data Protection Act and have signed confidentiality agreements.


Another advantage of selecting TypeOut for your media transcriptions is that we designate your recording to a typist within our team with the most relevant experience. This ensures they pick up on any nuances in the dialogue and deliver the best possible accuracy. Throughout our years serving the industry we have worked in many different areas and served an array of different clients of which you can see below

Media sectors using our services:

  • Film
  • Radio
  • Broadcast
  • News
  • Television
  • Video
  • Magazines


Services we provide for media companies

Some of the services we provide are below:

  • Interview transcription services – We can deliver interview transcripts for both media and TV broadcasters
  • Video audio to text – Our team is highly experienced when it comes to transcribing audio and video material for different media channels, be it film, radio, broadcast or news. We can also provide transcription for magazine-style publications as well
  • Analogue format transcriptions – Various analogue format transcription services such as cassette tape, vinyl, microcassette, DAT and VHS. We can convert these types of recordings into digital files or transcribe them directly from the physical media.
  • Timecoded transcriptions – Timecoded transcriptions are an important tool for media professionals and allow producers, editors, directors to quickly search through audio or video files. By providing timestamps every few seconds, they allow the user to easily jump to specific points within the recording.
  • Digital recorder transcriptions – Digital recorder transcriptions are typically used when an audio or video file needs to be transcribed for a variety of reasons. It can range from journalists needing to transcribe lengthy interviews, media companies recording minutes from important meetings, or individuals wanting transcripts from a YouTube video
  • Digital format transcriptions – At TypeOut we can proudly provide digital format transcriptions, meaning any audio or video files that you have in your possession can be transcribed and delivered to you in a range of different formats. We accept files from a wide range of sources such as YouTube, Dropbox and Wetransfer just to name a few.


So if you have any need for any of the services we provide or want to know more please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will be delighted to assist!

What our clients say about us

Thanks TypeOut, the transcripts are perfect. We will definitely be looking to use the service again.


Thanks TypeOut, the transcripts are perfect. We will definitely be looking to use the service again.

TM Group

Just wanted to say that the service has been spot on. Quick turn around, accurate transcriptions and a reasonable price. Thank you very much to you and the team.


Typeout are very efficient, always accurate, deliver when they say they will and are great people to work with. We only use Typeout these days.


I could not have been happier with the transcription service I received
from TypeOut. The turnaround was quick and of good quality (despite the
sector specific language and acronyms used in the audio files). Would use
TypeOut again to help with the burden of transcribing long qualitative
Researcher, North East


Thank you for the accurate and timely transcription of interview tapes and CD’s over the past few years.
Benefit fraud team


Thank you very much for everything, it has been a very quick and efficient service.
Research Department


Very happy with the work. I shall definitely be back and recommend your services to my colleagues


Some of our current clients