How does our transcription service work?

How our transcription services work

TypeOut believes your time is better spent on more important tasks than meticulously transcribing hours of discourse. That’s why we’ve been taking that load off businesses and individuals since 2008. Follow the four simple steps below and begin having your audios transcribed to the highest standards today.

First, get the audio

Whether you’re a journalist conducting an interview for a story, or a university conducting a focus group for research purposes, you first need to record it.
Use either a digital voice recorder, the voice record function on a phone, or any other means of producing a digital recording.

Once it has been recorded, you’re ready to upload your file.

Upload it & we’ll check the quality

In order to receive an exact quote or for us to get started on your work, we need to listen to your audio files.
Using the simple upload function on our website, submit your files and we’ll quality check them so we can tell you how much it’s going to cost and how long the turnaround will be.

We’ll send you a quote

Having checked your audio,  we’ll come back to you with an exact quote. The price will depend on:

  • how long the recording is
  • how many people are talking (as this affects transcription time)
  • how you wish it to be transcribed (verbatim, intelligent verbatim, discourse analysis or time coded)
  • how long it will take to transcribe

TypeOut provides extremely competitive rates.

Create a Job Order

You can accept our quote by creating a job order and by making a secure online payment

We transcribe the file and send you the finished transcript:

Once you’ve agreed to the price and turnaround time, we’ll start working on your transcription.

Turnaround times do not include weekends or public holidays but may be arranged on request.

Finally, we will send you your finished transcription as a Microsoft Word document to your given email address – and that’s it!

Should you have any questions during the process, you can phone or email us and speak directly to someone in our management team. At TypeOut we believe in a personalised and friendly service, that’s why you’ll always get through to a member of staff, and never a robot. 

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