Our costs

Not only does TypeOut provide an extremely high-quality service, but it also does so at an affordable rate.

Our fees are calculated to ensure that our loyal UK based typists receive a fair and reasonable income. We must also have a sustainable and compliant business to provide a continued and reliable supply of good quality transcription services to our clients.

How much do we charge?



Economy turnaround*
(5 days)

Standard turnaround*
(3 days)

Express turnaround*
(24 – 48 hours)

Audio transcription (1 voice)£1.15 per audio minute£1.30 per audio minute£1.50 per audio minute
Audio transcription (2 voices)£1.20 per audio minute£1.40 per audio minute£1.60 per audio minute
Audio transcription (3-5 voices)£1.35 per audio minute£1.55 per audio minute£1.65 per audio minute
Audio transcription (6-9 voices)£1.50 per audio minute£1.70 per audio minute£1.85 per audio minute
Audio transcription (10+ voices)£1.60 per audio minute£1.85 per audio minute£2.05 per audio minute
Verbatim+£0.30 per audio minute
Medical terminologyadditional fees may apply
Poor quality recordings –
which includes strong foreign or regional accents
additional fees may apply
Identifying individual voices (focus groups and meetings)additional fees may apply
Timecode+£0.20 per audio minute


As all projects are bespoke and vary enormously, please contact us with your project requirements and we would be delighted to give you upfront pricing so you know exactly how much your work will cost.

  • Prices are subject to V.A.T.
  • All turnaround times are subject to availability and may change without notice.
  • Turnaround times do not include weekends or public holidays but may be arranged on request.
  • Prices and turnaround times are subject to recordings being of a professional quality, with no background noise and without strong foreign or regional accents – our management team will determine this. We will advise you immediately if additional charges will be applied.
  • There may be a minimum charge of £15.00 for short one off audio files.
  • If errors are made by TypeOut they will be amended free of charge provided the work is returned to us within 24 hours of the client receiving it. Extra amendments or additions made by the client will be charged at £15.00 per hour.
  • All work is transcribed in intelligent verbatim (with or without slang) unless otherwise agreed.  Different types of transcription can of course be accommodated, although there will be additional charges. Please contact us to discuss this further.
  • All our typists proof read their own work which produces a high standard of work. If you require further proof reading, this is available at an extra charge of £1.00 per audio minute.


Types of transcription include:

Intelligent verbatim transcription with/without slang – the transcript reads easily and clearly with all relevant information but false starts/repeated words may be omitted.

Verbatim transcription – as above but including errs, umms, repetitions, laughter in brackets, words typed as said eg “cos” “gonna” “wanna” –  additional fees apply.

Discourse analysis –  verbatim transcription showing all repetitions, stuttering, pauses, coughs, laughter, tone of voice. Pauses will be shown as short (.), medium pause (..) long pause (…), (cough) (laughter) etc – additional fees apply.

Please ask for our time coded transcription rates.

What our clients say about us

Thanks TypeOut, the transcripts are perfect. We will definitely be looking to use the service again.


Thanks TypeOut, the transcripts are perfect. We will definitely be looking to use the service again.

TM Group

Just wanted to say that the service has been spot on. Quick turn around, accurate transcriptions and a reasonable price. Thank you very much to you and the team.


Typeout are very efficient, always accurate, deliver when they say they will and are great people to work with. We only use Typeout these days.


I could not have been happier with the transcription service I received
from TypeOut. The turnaround was quick and of good quality (despite the
sector specific language and acronyms used in the audio files). Would use
TypeOut again to help with the burden of transcribing long qualitative
Researcher, North East


Thank you for the accurate and timely transcription of interview tapes and CD’s over the past few years.
Benefit fraud team


Thank you very much for everything, it has been a very quick and efficient service.
Research Department


Very happy with the work. I shall definitely be back and recommend your services to my colleagues


Sectors and Industry

Some of our current clients