Transcription samples


In order to make the most of our transcription service you will find it useful to see the difference between the types of service that we provide. We use a standard layout template to make the transcripts easy to read. All transcripts are typed into Microsoft Word so that your work can be edited if required.

The majority of our work is transcribed using "intelligent verbatim", please see below for a description. A few specific projects require us to transcribe using "verbatim" which contains more details and requires additional fees.

Intelligent verbatim

Intelligent verbatim is our most popular and standard transcription service. The work is transcribed accurately and mostly word for word. The transcript reads easily and clearly with all relevant information but false starts/repeated words etc are omitted.


Verbatim is required when analysing the text in more detail. We transcribe the same level of accuracy however, we include errs, umms, repetitions, laughter in brackets, words typed as said eg “cos” “gonna” “wanna”. Universities and government departments tend to use this service.


Please click on the links below to view a typical layout:


Sample standard interview layout

Sample meeting transcript layout

Sample focus group layout

Sample focus group layout (individual voices identified)

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