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Over the last 10 years TypeOut has established itself as one of the leading transcription services in the UK - and even worldwide. We now serve a portfolio of thousands of clients spanning many different countries and industry sectors. 

These include many high-profile names and blue-chip organisations, from prestigious universities, to the NHS and even the Police.

Simply put, clients send us their lengthy audio/video recordings, and we save them time by producing transcriptions of these for them at competitive rates. However, with an array of transcription services available online, TypeOut has always strived to be the best. 

That means that we care about what we do, and produce transcriptions of the highest accuracy and quality. We have expert typists for an array of different industry sectors, and assign them accordingly to each job. TypeOut also understands that the audio/video recordings sent by clients need to be treated with the utmost confidentiality and security. 

That's why we've invested in 256-bit encryption for our upload system, ensuring your files reach us safely and securely. This is the same level of security used by governments and financial institutions. 

No matter how much we grow, we'll always remain personal. That means we're easy to contact, and you always speak to one of our team, and never an automated service. 

How does it work?

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Industry sectors & services

TypeOut covers a wide range of industry sectors and services. We differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing expert typists for each area, meaning that your work is being transcribed by people with first hand knowledge of the industry. We provide a transcription service that is accurate, confidential, secure and professional. For more information, click on the relevant icon. 



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