What we do

Why TypeOut

  • Outsourcing your typing gives you flexibility and will free up your time allowing you to get on with other tasks.

  • A cost-effective resource - you only use us when you need to.

  • UK based transcription service - all of our typists work in the UK.

  • Professional typing service with a friendly management team.

  • Competitive prices - we charge per audio minute and not by the hour.

  • Confidential typing service - TypeOut is registered with the Data Protection Act and all of our typists sign a confidentiality agreement.

  • Expert typists - we assign typists who are highly experienced in your area of business.

  • Our areas of speciality include - interview transcriptions, medical typing, focus groups, legal typing, medico-legal reports, PACE tapes/CD's.

TypeOut is a company whose ethos is to provide a reliable service and build up strong business relationships with all clients. We want a good reputation and aspire to act professionally whilst being a friendly company to deal with. Our skilled typists have gained experience from wide-ranging previous employment including medical secretaries, legal work and general secretarial and typist occupations. This extensive knowledge means your work will be carried out by a competent typist in your field. 

Outsourcing your typing can relieve your workload allowing you to concentrate on your business. We will always try to match you with the same typist each time you use our service as this encourages a better understanding of your needs and provides continuity and consistency, with the aim of providing you with an invaluable support service.

All our experienced typists are UK based although we aim to fulfil the needs of businesses worldwide.

TypeOut offers a confidential and dependable service; one that is cost-effective in which you only pay for the work carried out.

We deal with clients directly, you will not have to go through an automated system; if we can’t take your call immediately we ask you leave your name and number and we will call you straight back. We endeavour to provide a personal service.