Farnham Herald - Business section - Friday 18th February 2011:


Typing service now playing a key role

A VIRTUAL typing service setup by a Frensham couple in 2008 is welcoming many clients who don't have the need or the money to employ a permanent secretary or PA in the current financial climate.

TypeOut is run by Jason and Sarah Laborde from Frensham and serves both local and national companies, providing a typing and transcription support service to businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals.

The idea came about when Sarah was working at a High Street letting agency but realised there was a demand from independent inventory clerks who needed transcription work done on an ad-hoc basis.

They set up their office working from home and the business has gone from strength to strength. They transcribe focus groups for market research companies,in-depth interviews including medical research, disciplinary hearings, speeches and church sermons, as well as transcribing for lawyers, inventory clerks and students.

Small companies who cannot afford to take on full-time secretarial staff and larger companies, who want their secretaries and PAs to work on more pressing business, can outsource the typing work to TypeOut.

One doctor told Sarah that many patients' medical notes are being sent to India to be transcribed but were coming back with errors and the medical secretary in the UK hospital was spending time correcting the work.

"Since TypeOut has more than 50 highly experienced British medical secretaries on their team, most of whom are AMSPAR qualified, this is a resource worth utilising," said Sarah.

 With a large number of legal secretaries also on their team, the company is able to provide services to many legal sectors and, in addition, a small number of bi-lingual transcriptionists are available.

 Since much of the work is confidential or sensitive, TypeOut is registered under the Data Protection Act and all typists are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before taking on work.

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Surrey Advertiser - Business section - Friday 4th March 2011:


Typing service streamlines workflow for other tasks

The recession may have spelled trouble for many companies but for a freelance typing business based in Godalming, the pace has been picking up.

TypeOut is a 'virtual' service based in Shackleford, offering transcription work to businesses and individuals.

Run by husband and wife team Jason and Sarah Laborde, the typing service began in 2008 and has rapidly increased its client base, which now extends to many parts of the country.

Mr Laborde, whose experience lies in IT and sound engineering, said TypeOut responded to a crucial need in businesses. "We are allowing cash-strapped or struggling companies to use their secretaries in a more efficient way," he said. "We're not taking peoples work, we're helping to streamline workflow making their staff more efficient." He added that their kind of work was proving especially popular as people started to cut back on secretaries. 

Clients cover a range of industries but are typically people who use voice recorders in their work, collecting audio data. "Rather than using their secretaries to type reports, they send them to us and that way their secretaries are free to do other jobs," said Mr Laborde.

The couple's biggest client from the surrounding area is the University of Surrey but they also have projects with the NHS, the Office of Fair Trading and several other universities including Manchester and Southampton.

Mrs Laborde added they were looking to market themselves more in the surrounding area. She grew up in Godalming and is well aware of its appeal for businesses, both in its proximity to London and support for independent retailers.

The company employs a team of about 50 typists, who are spread out across the country and have the flexibility to work as freelancers. "We have a really solid staff of 30 to 40 girls out there, some of whom have been made redundant from secretarial positions or who are mums at home. "We have strindgent confidentiality agreements and ensure that they are up to speed with their typing.

"Quantity of work is our main priority and from the feedback we have got, that's what we are doing, providing high-quality accurate work." TypeOut freelancers need a typing speed of 70 to 80 words per minute and rates are charged per audio minute. Recordings can be uploaded to the website,, or sent to the company, where they are transcribed and the document returned to the client. TypeOut accepts digital video and audio files, analogue audio files from cassettes or iPhone and Blackberry files.

"The internet has made this business possible," said Mr Laborde. "If there's competition for us out there then it's because people want this kind of service."

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